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Marque DeWinter

Vest Possibilities

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Ok so I've read over almost the entire vest topic... I know how important getting the best vest for the individual is. Its also the first thing I'm going to buy (I already happen to have a modulus and follow focus). The question becomes is there anywhere to check out and even try some of the different vests to compare. I've checked out info on Walter Klassen's back mounted, the Master & Ultra, GPI, and DSD. I've read the posts on front mount vs. back mount (and i have to say the front mount on a Walter Klassen seemed really interesting). Even with all that info is there anywhere (I'm in NYC) that I could try some of them out with some weight. I understand that I'm not experienced enough to really run them through thier paces, but seeing as how this is a fit and comfort thing with weight I think I could make a much better decision if I even got 2 hours or so with each... Will it take a short drive to Tiffen and a longer drive to Toronto?



Marque - dedicated, determined, total newbie


PS: I'm registered for the workshop in May and don't plan on buying till after that but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before hand.

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Be patient. Wait for the workshop, then spend as much time as you can in the various styles doing the same shots. Chances are, you won't encounter a PRO vest there, but you'll see the Ultra (also a very good front mount), and Klassen's back-mount. Spend time in each, talk to the operators, etc. You're welcome to check out my collection (the latest generation of Klassen back-mount as well as a rebuilt model 1 front mount vest), but I'm on a job through mid-Feburary and I never have down time on set, so you'll have to wait until I'm done.



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