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Frederic Borensztein

Thoughts about Peliair cases ?

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Hello !


I've been looking on the forum about the Peliair Cases, but didn't find any post or message about it.


I am about to buy a case for my (soon to be) new gear the Steadicam Aero, and I would like to know :


- if Peliair cases are as reliable as standard ones (its 10% more expensive but 40% lighter for the biggest case)

- if my rig could fit in the case I want. Peliair 1615 is 29.59" x 15.50" x 9.38" (interior) and weight only 6.4 kg


I would like to put all my rig in it (is it even possible ?) : aero sled (57,2cm but with detachable base, so maybe a 5-8cm gain), arm + vest (same as Zephyr), 7" monitor, 3 batteries + charger, docking bracket, and maybe some cables.


What do you think about it ?


Thanks !



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can you go to a dealership and check them out?

i am also interested for some aks, but an AC told me that she felt they were a bit flimsy. that being said, i use thermodyne for my sled which is pretty hardcore and regular pelican for everything else. i am not very familiar with the aero, but if it is a lightweight sled and you feel like it could be dropped off of the back of an airplane on the tarmac or from a shelf in the truck to the ground and survive the fall, then youre good.



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Hey guys. I had a look at the Peliair. They are nice for light still photo gear but I wouldn't recommend it for a Steadicam rig if you plan on banging it around like we so on set and in trucks. The air cases will collapse if you step or sit on them for instance.


I use Pelican Storm cases (they have the letters IM in front of the name) they are a bit lighter than the standard pelican cases but as sturdy (I can stand on my sled case without issues and i sit on it all the time) but the great thing about the storm are the latched. They don't hurt your fingers. I always hated the pelican latches and tenue loud clank when you open and close. Those have a tiny click when they are locked and still close firmly. Love then and would recommend them any time.

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