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Daniel Erbeck

Looking for something similar to this for vehicle hard mount.

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Looking to rent something like this....does anyone know who made/makes this exact one or something similar. Please PM me thanks in advance a81c91e915b77df680e097f00b616dec.png



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Get a garage to solder a square pipe to a round pipe. That's all it is. Then get the WK hard mount. I would not use the seat as it puts more weight on the tail pipe, especially in a turn.

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Thanks Joel! :-)

That indeed is mine.

It's a bit of an incomplete "picture" I normally put an applebox under the seat and I also use steel cables to secure the entire mount.
I need to take a picture of it when it's set up the right way!

It's 2" square tubing to 2" ish round Steel tubing.

The Seat is from Northern Tool.

The setup is part of my "Sophie Rickshaw" and it's for rent $250/day and can be shipped anywhere. :-)

Please be advised, that this setup is definitely for slower vehicle speeds on smooth surfaces.
Examples: Leading someone on a leisurely bike ride or someone running.
This is definitely NOT for high speed car chases... :-)

Make sure the hitch is in good condition, that you have a professional driver and the area you are filming is locked off.

(Here is a picture of the same setup on my SteadiCAB. Applebox underneath the seat and the steel coiled cables)


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