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IBC 2005

James Puli

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Hi all.

Subject should read IBC 2006 (not used to the new year yet).


I know its only Janurary and IBC is in September, but I am planning my trip to Europe and am trying to make it so that I can visit IBC as well. (Killing two birds with one stone so to speek).


Was just wondering wether anyone out there can reccomend any good places to stay, that wont cost me 150EURO per night (about $180 US) and is of reasonable quality. Being Amsterdam I would prefer to be on the safe side, and not wanting to stay at any dodgy back packers etc.


Hopefully I will get to meet some more of you guys there. Being from Australia we dont get to meet too many from the International Steadicam community. I'm also spending a week in London in July, as well and would love to meet up with some of the London guys for a beer or something.


Thanks in advance.



Melbourne Australia

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This place has a good reputation. It's small and clean, and well located in an interesting part of town at a safe distance from the conference centre.




I might be able to put you up at no cost myself, as I live in a big house with people that travel frequently. I won't know for sure till just before the IBC, but a room might come free. Meanwhile, make a booking somewhere, and keep in touch.


Work permitting, I look forward to meeting you at the show.



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Hey guys


Thanks Joe and Chris for your help.


At the moment I've got hotels booked at both ends and am really pumped about the trip and really looking forward to meeting as many people as I can when I'm literally on the other side of the world to where I am now.


Will speek before then and hope to meet you both.



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