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Preston HU3/MDR3 Complete Kit for Sale - NYC or London

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Selling my Preston HU3 with MDR3 kit and Single Channel F/I. Whole system is a year old and has never sat on a shelf at a rental house.


All firmware is up to date and is LR2 ready. Kit also includes a CleansCameraSupport monitor bracket for the HU3, along with a custom battery plate made by AbelCine for a 5.5" TV Logic monitor to power the monitor and a Teradek receiver off of one or two Canon batteries.


All motors are set up for Jerry Hill brackets. MDR3 has a Jerry Hill mounting paddle bracket.


Looking to buy a Preston but don't feel like waiting six months for it to arrive? Look no further.

Are you located in Europe and don't want to deal with shipping or customs? I'll be in London January 4th for several months and will arrange delivery to you.


Kit includes:


Preston HU3 (4060-G4) serial #2805 with A, B, C, D, E premarked rings and 3 blank rings

MDR-3 (4110) #1563

Single Channel F/I Controller (4024-G4) #2174 with 5 blank rings

Digital Radio MicroForce 2 (4015-G4) #D26200

Two DM-2 Motors (4201a) #6326/6309

One DM1-X Motor (4205a) #4132



-3 Right to Straight Motor Cables (4412)

-1 Right to Right Motor Cable (4411)

-MDR-3 CineTape Readout Cable (4742)

-2 Anton Bauer PTap Power Cables to MDR3 (4641)

-Digital MicroForce to FiZ (4545)

-Panavision Power to MDR3 (4626)

-Arri 24vDC Power to MDR3 (4699)

-12v Master Power (4668)

-Arri/MovieCam 3pin Lemo to MDR3 RS (4721)

-Red Epic to MDR3 RS (4746)


Paid $35,000 for the complete Preston kit, plus another $1500 in brackets


Asking $29,000


pictures available on request



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