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Opinion from other ops on the matter of " credits "

nelson o reis

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This past summer I got hired by a D.P to do some steadicam shots in a Indie production Loved working with him and the rest of the crew . Everthing went great on set we wrapped the project got paid and up to the next on . Today I see a notification of this D.P with his 2017 reel, his opening shot was one of my steadicam shots. It was a shot designed by the director and i really like the shot. it took me 5 takes on the beach to accomplish this shot . I was waiting for the project to be printed so I can use this shot on my reel. However he already used it on his reel . My question for you guys is : do you think it's misleading having such shots on reels like this situation or is it fine since he is technically the D.P ? Does it goes on the same hand as a D.P having a camera op performing camera on sticks ? It's probably a stupid question but just wanted to see your opinions?

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If the reel is clearly slated as a DP reel, I don't believe this is misleading. If he was also a Steadicam operator and it was slated as a DP/Steadicam or a DP/Operating reel then it might be a concern. Likewise for your reel.


This came up for me at one point in the 90's when I used a sequence for the opening of my Steadicam reel and the DP objected, saying it would cause confusion since he wanted to use it on his as well. I used the above reasoning and stood my ground. It was in fact a day exterior scene shot primarily in available light, so other than demonstrating his ability to meter an exposure, I think the shot was far more logical on a Steadicam demo reel!

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