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Frederic Chamberland


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Hi all,


Here's my beloved Preston for sale.

Everything here is my personal kit, very few times have I let it out of my sight. It's all working 100%. It's been serviced by Preston last year. The orange anodizing was done by David Hable at crampedattic a few years ago while I had David rebuild it with new parts all around : new OLED screen, new direction button, new battery clip. This is the only orange HU3 that I know of.

And you will notice it has all the little extras we love : focus knob guard for Hu3, F/I unit holding bracket, battery dummy for AC power....You just need a case to put it in and you are good to go.


Asking 19KUSD and I will ship it free to Canada and USA.


1•HU3 (G4)

1•HU3 rubber handle

1•HU3 focus knob guard (underneath)

1•HU3 neck strap

5•HU3 rings

1•HU3/FI dummy battery with AC adapter (crampedattic)

7•batteries (4 small, 1 medium , 2 big) ***the 2 big batteries are old, I am throwing them in but don't count them as very good, average at most***

2•battery chargers

1•MDR2 (G4)

1•cinetape interface

1•DM2 motor

2•preston motor cables

2•RED motors

2•RED motors cables

4•MDR2 power cables (1 Arri 3 pins straight, 1 Arri 3 pins 90 degree, 1 PTAP, 1 XLR4)

4•MDR2 on/off cables ( 2 Arri 3 pins, 1 RED, 1 Sony)

1•preston motor bracket 15mm each end

1•Focus Iris unit (G4)

1•FI unit holder bracket

5•FI unit rings



Wire transfer only. Free shipping in USA and Canada . Rest of the world on your fedex account.

If sold in Canada, tax will apply (price in CAD dollars is 25000$)








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