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Travelogue in the Great Lakes. Excited.

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Hi guys,


I love filmmaking. I have found a small crew to film a travelogue in the Great Lakes. I have got help from the Historical society and my College to make this film.


We came up with the idea of shooting in a cruise journey in the Great Lakes. I was able to find the itinerary of a service which looks perfect for our sketch. https://www.blountsmallshipadventures.com/2017-great-american-waterways/default.aspx This is a 16 day journey touching the important historical ports in the Great Lakes.


I found appreciate some help regarding maintaining the camera and lenses during the cruise as there is a lot of journey through the water. We are planning on shooting with two cameras, one on the Steadicam.


Please suggest your ideas. Would love any kind of tips.


Thank you.

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Hi Daniel,


Having shot several sailing races in saltwater, I have a few tips. In order to be more concise, can you please clarify the following?:


What size boat will you be on? How fast will it be moving? How many other people will be onboard besides your crew? Do you have a secure, dry area in which to store gear that is not being used while you and your crew are shooting elsewhere on the boat? Are you venturing in the water with gear, or staying on the boat?





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