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Virtual horizon 2 false readings

Christopher Kechichian

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I shall give this a shot later today or tomorrow.


On a side note: Is there a way to set the user-defineable-button to be a "standby" shortcut? Like the standby buttons we had on our CRTs a long time ago? Quite literally to turn the screen off but keep the settings as they are?


If it is doable, would you please walk me through the steps to set this up; if it is not currently possible, could that functionality be added in a future firmware update?


Thank you :)

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The Cinemonitors have 4 user programmable Memories that can be stored and recalled. When recalling a Memory, all the settings are re-called. There is in addition a temporary memory that keeps all the settings. So if you do a hot battery swap or there is a loss of power for any reason, all the settings prior to the power down are back upon re-start…. Except for the level sensor. I will verify with the factory, but I believe it is a requirement of the sensor to re-initiate after each power off. Ie: if it does not do this it will be completely wrong.

I will ask the factory though if it is something that could be by-passed without compromising the accuracy of the sensor itself.

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