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Wade Ferrari

Master Sled for Sale with Upgrades & Accessories

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Parting with my Master Series Sled. Asking $5,500 for everything.

-12v/24v Toggle Upgrade

- HD/SDI (1 HD line, 1 SD Line) Down the Post Upgrade

- 2x Anton Bauer Plates

- Marshall 7" HD Monitor (V-LCD84SB-AFHD)

- 15mm Telescoping Monitor Bracket

- Master Series Dovetail Plate

- New (Used Twice) Jerry Hill Gorelock 2 Dock and Balance Bracket
- 3x 1.580 Hill Docking Collars

- New (Used twice) American Grip Steadicam Stand

- Anton Bauer Interactive 2000 Quadcharger
- 4x Hytron 140 Anton Bauer Batteries

- 45lb Steel Weight Plate



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