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Darrell Ayer

Slight side to side panning during walking

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Hey guys,

This is my first post on here and I've been working with a Steadicam solo for a few months now and i have a constant issue when i am walking.

When I walk I always get this slight 5-10 degree panning whenever I walk. I am trying to see what part of my body i should be paying attention to in order to resolve it. I have some issues with my hips and I have a very very slight limp when i walk. Is there a way to reduce this motion thru balancing, grip, or core movement?


Any suggestions would be great.

Many thanks,


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Take your operating hand off the gimbal for a test. Does the panning stop? If so, it's your grip is too tight. You can also try to increase the sled's pan inertia by adding more weights but that will have other balance consequences.


If the test shows the sled pans by itself, then there is likely an issue with the gimbal being sticky - NG - and you need to contact Tiffen. A video of the effect would be useful.

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