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Chris Allen

M1 Topstage...bearings

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Anyone experience a "tightness" after mounting your camera and making side/side or fore/aft adjustments? My first (2015) M1 rig has tightness in the bearings and now feels bumpy with the fore/aft bearings. Side/side is smooth, but tight. I've never gone to the ends of the adjustments...use my XCS shift plates always.


Second M1 rig...just bought in October...mount a camera and you feel the same tightness...but not any bumpy bearings at the moment.


Of course, with no weight on the bearings...all is smooth.


These are studio rigs and haven't seen any time on a vehicle or the like.


I've replace bearings and races on my U1's...some I'm guessing this is the same issue...





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hello Chris,

I also have a M1

Do you try to follow the instruction in the manual in the drive knob ajustment section?

You may just have to loosen the knob a bit.

For your bumpy bearing it is possibly an other problem, i experienced something similar and the problem was solved with some upgrade pièces by tiffen.



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Thanks for the suggestion, Gregory! Could definitely try this to alleviate some of the tension.


Spoke with Chris this morning and we're going to take a look at the stage.


That's the beauty of the M1 being modular now. I can send him just a top stage so he can continue to work while we assess the problem on his top stage.


If you guys ever have questions about your Steadicam gear, please do not hesitate to contact me at rreyes@tiffen.com.





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Yes, Gregory...I made the adjustments as described in the manual. And yes, Rey did get up early and call me on the East coast this morning to touch base...much appreciated. We're gonna look at the earlier manufactured stage. So all is well!



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