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Osvaldo Silvera SOC

SilveraTray's back in stock, same with zoomrisers.

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Hi folks.

Finally got around to making another run of the Silveratray.

It replaces the finder on most every broadcast Sony or Panasonic camera ( WILL NOT WORK ON IKEGAMI OR GRASS VALLEY)

This quick bracket allows you to slide it onto the dovetail in front of the handle and you can use it for many things.

Attach a prompter monitor to it with the included MSE 1/4-20 bolt. or add a piece of velcro to the plate and put whatever you want on there, Audio receivers, MDR, you name it.

I added 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes to the top of the clamp.

Aluminum, Anodized, 100% made in South Florida.


$160 shipped anywhere in the Continental US via USPS.






Also have a few Zoom Risers available.

These will sit on your gimbal handle and raises your Zoe Bebob Zoom control, also prevents marring. I've used my prototype for 10 years on live shows.

Aluminum, Anodized, 100% made in South Florida


$60 shipped anywhere in the Continental US via USPS.


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