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Keith Wood

Konnichiwa, y'all

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Hi, usually when I get into a forum, they ask "Which newbie do YOU be?" so I figured that I would introduce myself.


Many years ago, when I was young and dinosaurs ruled the Earth, I took a two-day familiarization on Steadicam. That was the last time I had any real contact (I watched a Steadicam op do his work on a film which rented military vehicles from me, but that's about it). I was doing TV news at the time (don't be impressed, I was the whole news department at one of the stations where I worked), and thought that Steadicam would be a good platform, but it was outside the budget.


Now, just shooting for fun (and getting set up to do packages which will probably go on YT) I am getting started with a Pilot (with vest) and have a Merlin2 in the gun-and-run bag. Camera is a Sony EX1R, sound is Sennheiser ew100 G3.


I got the Handbook, and the DVD is on the way (I'm SERIOUSLY impressed with the support that I got from Walter at Tiffen).


I think I'll be Goofy Foot most of the time, it's hard to fight 40 years of having a camera on my right. I think I'll watch some K-pop videos to pick up the dance steps I'll need. SERIOUSLY. It's all about balance, foot placement and traction, so there is no reason not to let the high-paid choreographers give me some help (I'll be the old white guy doing the Crab Dance, gee-gee-gee-gee, baby-baby-baby)!


Anyway, if anyone has bothered to read all of this, I'll see you in the Forum!



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