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used ----- HEDEN MOTOR for Preston / Bartech / C-Motion --- Remote FIZ

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Heden Motor - The HEDÉN M21VE-L

-Complete kit with -
7 snap-on gears, modules 0.8 - 0.6 - 0.5 - 0.4 - other sizes also
Inserts for 19/15 mm and 5/8 inch rods and mounting bracket -3 inserts total
(2) brand new right angle to straight motor cables

Unit is less than 3 months old - still under warranty - perfect condition

pics coming soon - sorry I know it's crazy to put sale items up without pics

More info:

The HEDÉN M21VE-L is a small sized high resolution digital vertical orientated lens servo motor for professional film-and Video/HD cameras

The M21VE-L is compatible with appropiate digital drive systems like Preston FIZ, Cmotion, Chrosziel, Bartech.
No tools needed for mounting.
Interchangeable snap-on/off gears with automatic lock action to be mounted on either side of the motor. Superior single gear design.
Suitable for smaller lenses with lighter focus/zoom actuation. For use with heavy focus/zoom lenses we recommend buying M26VE.
Extremely silent.
Lightweight and small size.
Optional 0.6, 0.5, 0.4 gear and insert for 19/15mm.
X-large diameter gears and offset spacer (optional).

Weight: Lenght: Width: No load current
Torque (Max): Connector:
175g 104mm 21mm Approx. 60mA 1Nm LEMO size 1

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