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Shotball Head - like new

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For sale like new (little use) Shotball head, same as the one sold by film-stuff.

Great for handheld job.


Price: $1100.00


Contact: rtournois@gmail.com






The Shotball is a specialty camera head designed to achieve a "loose head" look to your shots, while allowing a degree of control over the camera that you must experience to truly appreciate. Sometimes handheld is the right call, but often we go handheld just to keep a little organic movement in the frame. When thats the case, the Shotball will save your shoulder and back for when you really need them. You can mount the Shotball andwhere you can put a Mitchell base: Sticks, dollies, high-hats, camera cars, ladder pods and more. The Shotball has a precision pan bearing for easy panning, Tilt and roll are by rocking the camera on the ball, this yields a very organic feel to the camera movement. The camera can be stowed and locked on the Shotball, when it is necessary to walk away from the camera.

The Shotball comes with:

1- Shotball Camera Head

1- Indoor Volleyball

1- Castle Nut

3- Cotter pins and attached Lanyards



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