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Guille Moreno

Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 recorder package

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Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 recorder and some accessories.

I haven't used it more than 4 times since I bought it new, and now I have a TSV Starlite that I use if I want to record, so definitely I've put to much time and money in this recorder. Hopefully I can. Get some back and find it a better home.


Extras included in the package price:


120Gb SSD Sandisk card and cable adaptor/ reader to USB

D-tap power cable regulator with additional Dtap conector

Din SDI cables x 2

HDMI cable

Power Cable

Customized aluminum back plate with 1/4 threads. Is almost as light as the original plate and definitely lighter and thiner than the Blackmagic cheese plate.

I will include the original plate with foam, although it has a hole that I drill to attach a screw before I had the other plate, and also includes 3 battery studs for Goldmount batteries that I've never used since I have Vmount, so not sure how good they work.

Happing to get 350. Buyer pays shipping.

Located in Mallorca, Spain.

Contact for offers, more info and photos: guillesteady@gmail.com




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