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Keith Wood

Chopsticks with my soup -- Steadicam in high wind

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I just had a fun experience -- we have winds currently 20 knots with gusts to 45, and _I_ had to dynamic balance and then shoot what might be a news segment in the near future, using an EX1R on a Pilot. I think my deadcat lost some of its fur.


I felt like Mike Jittlov, when he says "Union animators the world around will wonder how we got so much MOTION!" ["The Wizard of Speed and Time" feature]


None of the available windbreaks helped for balancing (I finally ducked into an airplane hangar), but if I have time later, I'll experiment to see the effects of short-sled v. long-sled in wind. On the one hand, a shorter sled has less surface for the wind to affect, while on the other hand, the longer sled is less responsive to the wind that hits it.

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