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Dan Coplan

Dropping Teradek and Redrock FF signal at 10 ft

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Scratching my head trying to figure out what's going on.


Alexa Mini, Teradek Bolt, and Redrock microRemote on a Ronin (don't blast me - I know this is a Steadicam forum but this topic is about signal interference).


Everything worked great yesterday until the AC (w/FF) and DP (w/director's monitor) got about 10+ feet away from the rig and lost wireless video and FF control. Thought it might have been interference from where we were. Shot again today in a completely different location and same problem.


I've used the Redrock dozens of times and never had a problem this bad. With the Teradek also losing signal I'm at a loss for what could be causing this issue.


Any thoughts?

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Hey Dan,


Shoot an email to support@teradek.com to see what they say.


Are there any other wireless systems around? How is the Bolt mounted? If you have a 600, 1000, 2000, or 3000 you can manually select a frequency to operate on, which might be able to avoid any interference in your area.

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I've had nothing but problems using the RR follow focus near other wireless systems. Either it or the other system has awful range and drop outs. Even on bands it shouldn't be on. I have a feeling the thing just spews out RF through something poorly shielded. I'd blame the RR

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