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4th axis stabilizer for iPhone gimbal based on Steadicam Arm

Pavel Houda

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I am not sure that it belongs in this forum, but here it goes anyway. I often cary around my iPhone 7 Plus, it is the handiest "rig" I have. Even though I am looking forward to the "Volt" I tried one of the gimbals available on the market. It is difficult to walk with the system without experiencing an annoying bobbing effect. I decided to build a small z-axis enhancement based on Garrett Brown's patent (sorry). It is strictly for my own consumption, but it could be useful sometimes for other than myself, so I decided to share it. I moved the grip vertically under the center of gravity, so it is acceptable to hold without too much wrist discomfort, it's fairly small and it works. Please feel free to remove this post if it is too inappropriate. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/hXX7Vgk_wMw

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