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Mk-V Omega AR (latest version)

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I' m selling my MK-V Omega AR. This is the latest version, bought one year ago so almost new. It's lighter, more simple (just one button to set it, iPhone control, all the electronics and sensors are in the upper box), more quiet, and compatible with any type of sleds. For example I' m using it with a Betz Rig sled.

I' m selling it because I' m starting a new career and new life as a director / Dop in a South Pacific island.

The kit includes :


1 x MK-V Ωmega Revolution HD

V2 AR Rings with Side to side plate + Cables
Ωmega Revolution Control Box including Roll remote with OR Spatial Sensor
Pelican Case

Ωmega HD Motorised Monitor Arm
Infinity Yoke to suit Transvideo Monitor


Ask for more pictures !


22500 $ (or 20000€) + VAT







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