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Handmade Cart Toolbox

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I made this a while back to replace the CineBags bag that I kept on my cart at the time. The CineBag was soft and floppy and I felt things didn't really have a proper place within it - more just everything thrown in together. So I made this. Has a top section for everyday cables and screws and personal items, etc. The main compartment has two removable trays, with storage beneath, and is where I kept my plates, rods, brackets, and whatever else.


Last summer I upgraded my cart to an Inovativ and I built a whole new set of drawers, so I no longer needed this box. I'm finally getting around to putting it up for sale. While I was using it, it sustained the expected scratches and dings. I've gone ahead and refinished it - sanding out most of them, although a few scars remain. None of which affect the functionality, and the interior remains in excellent condition.


Important to note... As is, this box was built for a cart that remains built all the time. It was never intended to come off. I roll the cart in and out of my car, fully built and loaded. If you're interested, and have a system where your cart must be broken down for transport, I could probably install some handles on the box, making it easier to lift on and off - though depending what you put in it, it could get a little heavy. Your call.


When I initially made this and posted pictures, I had requests from others to make one for them. I said I probably wouldn't have time to get to any in the near future, but when I do the price would likely be around $1500. I know it's pricey for what's essentially a tool box, but these things are made entirely by hand and take me a long time to make. And I will say this - if you want to get friendly with the grip department, these are magnets for the grips. I had key grips on the radio to the rest of his crew telling them to stop by the Steadicam cart to check it out. Definitely buys you some respect points there.


Anyway, considering this is used and has a few dings, I'm asking $900.


Below are photos just after construction (brand new):




And here are photos taken today, after refinishing:



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