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Marco Dardari

Pro/Betz/XCS dovetail plate info

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I own a steadicam M1 sled and my idea would be to use a Tripodlokplate by Betz-Tools (to go fast from stead to tripod)

and also to use a XCS standard plate instead of my tiffen dovetail plate (for the benefit of the 15mm holes for rods or tubes)

do you think the XCS standard plate will fit on both Tripodlokplate by Betz-Tools & Steadicam M1 top stage?

Does anyone tried Something similar and finaly does it sound a good idea??




(from France)

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I don't know about about Steadicam sleds, never had the chance to get hold of one, but the XCS Standard plate and the XCS Side Adjustable Plate in standard version do NOT fit the Betz-Tools topstage, Wave1 and tripod plate.

I can't tell you if the XCS Side Adjustable Plate LT version does fit. Maybe it does.


Addition: There have been a variety of different plate sizes from XCS over the years. My comment relates to the latest versions of plates as of Sept. 2017.

There are older versions of the the XCS Standard plate that do fit.

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I had an XCS plate that I did use a few times on my M-1 before I sold my old rig, and it did fit just fine. PRO and other thin plates (6mm or 1/4" thick plates) will not fit, but 9mm and thicker plates (including Tiffen, Betz, and XCS plates) will fit. The nice part about the M-1's mechanism is that it's easily adjustable with a single screw to take different tolerances in plate width.

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