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Camaleon Cine

Zooms Fujinon Cine Cabrio. M

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This post no is appropriate to this section but the forum Steadicam yet hasn't a lens section and i think that is necessary to the issue in question.


Fujinon Cine Cabrio Zooms: More than a Convertible, an Off-Road.


...The first big pro is the weight and the size: ENG style operators will still probably find them a little heavy,but we have to keep in mind that there is no other cine-style zoom lighter than 3 kg with such a focal range. In fact, they are a little heavier than the Angenieux DP style, but the focal range is much wider, while the Angenieux that has the closest one (19.5-94mm) weights about 6 kg and has a front diameter of 136mm, wich requieres a 6x6 mattebox This takes us into the second big pro of these glasses: focal range. Even though I prefer prime lenses, I can think about quite a few number of situation where this zoom would be the best choice. For instance, being that light can be mounted on a steadicam and the operator would need to balance the camera just once for the whole day, but having at his disposal a full set of focal distances.


Speaking of wich, another very interesting thing about this zooms for steadicam operators is that the servo can control the tree rings, so with the help of a dedicated cable it is possible to connect it with the brain of a FIZ system and control the 3 axis wirelessly without the need to attach any motors, which is much better for weight and balance....


For more information click here




Fabio Giolitti - Focus Puller

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I own the Cabrio 19-90 and absolutely love it. Great on Steadi or as a general workhorse lens for 90% of shots. I also have the Optimo 16-42 and the tiny (and great value) Tonkina 11-16 for the wider end. I couldn't justify the 14-35 Cabrio as well, but no doubt is a great bit of glass. The 85-300 is okay, but I much prefer the 25-300 for added range. The built in servos are very useful although neither the 85-300 or 25-300 are suitable for Steadicam. The 25-300 is as rare as hens teeth in London.

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