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Jorge Prieto

Help with my Artemis tally system and transvideo cinemonitor HD

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Hello everyone

I have a problem with the configured my Artemis tally system and my Transvideo HD 6 "X-sbl monitor.

I use a Artemis Cine HD PRO with the original tally Arri system.

I recently bought the cable to have the tally through the J002 connector of my transvideo on the screen.

When I use my Tally Artemis Leds system it works perfectly but when I connect the cable that goes to the transvideo J002 the tally light of the screen and the upper tally Leds remain lit continuously even with the camera off.

I think I'm doing something wrong in the configuration of my monitor.

If someone uses this system and can help me.

Thanks in advance

a greeting

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Tally activation can be set to either "high" or "low" in the Transvideo monitor's menu. You might try switching from one to the other to see if that fixes the issue. The process is described in the user manual.

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