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Nate Weaver

FS: Artemis ACT2 Vest (New)

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Hi all,


So I bought a used Maxima gimbal, but it came with a brand new, unused Sachtler Artemis ACT2 vest.


While I'd like to hang onto it so I could occasionally support the gimbal with an arm, I think the reality is I'd be better served by a Ready Rig. And this is too nice to let sit around.


So, here's what I have:


Sachter Artemis ACT2 Vest

Extra Back Pad set (more broad it looks like? With a broadcast pack pocket)

Fastex Waist belt extender

Soft Bag


This vest is still sold, but now by Arri and you can pay them $4346 if you want the same thing from them. I have also learned that Arri is being very amazing and fully supporting previous Sachtler branded Artemis products (as I found out with my Maxima this past week). So you will be able to get pieces/parts for the vest no problem if you needed. It is NOT a dead product.


I'm asking $3000 + shipping


Vest and myself are in Los Angeles









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