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Analogue Bartech M-one motor plus back up

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Analogue Bartech M-one motor plus back up


Asking 3000$ USD


Summer of 2015, I serviced everything, the handset, the receiver and both motors.

It's a single channel system and it comes with a back up motor.


... I probably used it 5 times since then. This is why I'm selling it.


Buyer pays for shipping.


1x Bartech handset + 1 antenna SN: T1.0396

1x analogue receiver + 2 antennas SN: 09319

1x m-one motor + 19mm bracket, gears:.8,.4 pitch SN: M-1.0524

1x FMG motor + 2 short 19mm brackets, gears: .8,.5,.4 pitch SN: 09319

1x red 19mm-15mm collar

3x 19mm brackets

1 x short rods

4x motor cables

1x Alexa 2 pin Lemo power cable

1x Dtap power cable

1x 4 pin Hirose cable

1 x panavision power 12v

1 x panavision power 24

1x Alexa start/stop cable

1x Res start/stop cable

1x 50' remote cable

1x handset ring

4x focus strip

3x net bags

1x spare hand set screw

1 x Hardcase



Located in Vancouver, Canada





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