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Jerry Holway

M1V at CineGear

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Garrett, Steve Wagner, the rest of the Tiffen team, and I are looking forward to seeing friends at CineGear. We’ve got a new technological marvel to demonstrate, the M1V.

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The M1V was demoed at Abel Cine yesterday in NYC. I got to try it along with the Exovest with 3rd arm segment. Here are my impressions and what I learned.

The M1V electric gimbal is really nice, it works in combination with your skills, allowing you to get a stronger haptic feedback and helping you keep your horizon. You can still go dutch if you desire. If you let go of the post the motors will work in reducing the pendulum. They will also work to keep your post centered during whip pans. The production version will have a connector to also have the "Knight Rider" digital horizon reader like the wagner level (both devices share the same leveling system from Wagner) The production version will also make it easier to install and remove the motors from the gimbal with a couple of screws (right now it s a few steps and parts swap) I was also told that they are working on a way to adapt the M1V gimbal to fit on other brand sleds with a center post smaller than 1.75" (sorry 2" posts).

The cons, now just a reminder that I tried a pre production model, they are still working on the software and the hardware will be adjusted as well. You need to systematically deactivate the Volt before docking or the motors will go crazy and keep pushing against the docking bracket (you dock it on the gimbal), there is a button on the gimbal to change settings but this was not active when I tested it. When the motors are working more than they should they start to make a high pitch sound (this can be removed with proper setup and software tuneup)


The 3rd arm segment for the G70x was really interesting as well, it allowed me to shoot Garrett Brown at eye level... in low mode! So I could do a shot from toes to head while in low mode. I had to watch out for the ceiling because the rig goes so high. It does add quite a bit of weight though.



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