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Dan Coplan

Everything but the vest: PRO sled w/full kit for sale

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Steadyrig arm
Bartech follow focus x 2 channels
Transvideo Titan wireless video
Transvideo LCD monitor
Marell greenscreen monitor
Marell digital bubble
Boland HD LCD monitor
Anton Bauer 2702 quad charger
Anton Bauer Titan TWQ quad charger
Anton Bauer HC batteries x 6
Decimator downconverter x 2
Rolling stand with Gorelock
Camera plates x 2
various cables and accessories
hard case for sled and parts
hard case 1610 Pelican
hard case Pelican for batteries
hard case for arm

This rig is wired as original for SD video but has been used on HD productions for years with no problems. I recently added the Boland HD monitor which I’ve wired with an external BNC cable. Everything works perfectly.

Asking $36,000. Prefer to sell full kit but will consider parting out. Contact me with any questions.

Dan Coplan


camera -at- dancoplan -dot- com






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Bump: This is a fully functional Film/TV grade professional setup that includes everything you need except for the vest including all sorts of extras and doubles of a lot of things for backup (like cables, etc.). I just did two days on "Will & Grace" with this rig last week.

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Purchase this rig before the New Year and get it with no tax added and free delivery anywhere in Los Angeles! Actually, I'd do that anyway.


Great rig - solid, reliable, and has served me very well for years.

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Don't miss the opportunity to get this before the new year and a BIG FAT TAX DEDUCTION! With the passing of the new tax bill it will actually cost you 5% more to get into this rig in 2018.


Actually, not true. I don't know what is true other than this is a great rig ready to fly with everything included plus extra bits and bobs (minus the vest). Has served me very well throughout my career.

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Discounted Rate for a Discounted Month (couple of days short of a full one)! $1 off an already killer price for a complete rig (minus the vest) ready to go including all sorts of extras. This rig has worked movies, TV, commercials, docs, and more. You'll need a vest and a body capable of rocking a Steadicam. That's it. Everything else included. Walk onto pretty much any set and get to work. This rig has flown everything from a DSLR (on a weight cage) to an Arriflex BL-4 in low mode (trust me, you do not want to do this but you can if you have to).


$29,999,99. This offer will not last! (you've got 28 days before it jumps back up to $30K).


Best way to reach me: camera -at- dancoplan -dot- com

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