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George Pattison

Preston FI+Z3 complete $25,000.00

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1-MDR2 w/G4 software s/n 1813

1-MDR to Alexa mounting bracket

1-HU3 w/G4 software, 6 marking rings, grip handle, cover and neck strap, s/n 1907

1-Microforce digital zoom control s/n D25483

1-Microforce to HU bracket

1-Focus/Iris Hand Unit w/G4 software, 2 marking rings, s/n 2176

3-DM2 servo motors w/Hill brackets, s/n's 3689, 4105,4122

1-48 pitch motor gear

1-wide 32 pitch motor gear

4-small HU batteries

2-HU battery chargers

2-12 volt "cigarette" charger cables

3-19mm to 15mm rod bushings

3-19mm to 5/8" rod bushings

3-MDR to servo motor cables (90 degree/90 degree), #4411

2-MDR to servo motor cables (90 degree/straight), #4412

1-DMF to HU3 cable, #4545

1-DMF to FIZ cable (20'), #4445

1-Cine Tape interface cable, #4542

1-MDR power from 12v/24v PRO sled, #4477

1-custom siamese Arri power to MDR/Cine Tape needs minor repair

1-Main command cable (30'), #4400

1-Serial RS-232 4-pin firmware cable, #4538

1-custom Innerspace case


Privately owned and maintained. HU3 just refurbished by Preston.

Contact: George Pattison by email: georgepattison@mac.com

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