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Teradek 600 1:1 system for sale - With Array Panel!

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I am selling my Teradek Bolt 600 system. It saw one season on as the back up unit on Madam Secretary, so it was used 2 to 3 so it was very lightly used.


The system includes:


1- 600 Transmitter

1 - 600 Receiver

7 - Antennas

1 - Array Antenna with mounting yolk and mounting hardware

1 - Array Receiver Gold mount bracket for the Array antenna

1 - Gold mount bracket for Receiver or transmitter

5 - Array Antenna to Receiver cables

2 - BNC cables

2 - Ptap to 2 pin power cables

2 - 2 pin to 2 pin power cables.

1 - Antenna case (Pelican). This case can fit everything if desired

1 - Receiver/Transmitter case (Pelican).

Manuals are included.


I am asking $4400.00, and the equipment is in very good to excellent condition.

I live in NYC, so you can come by and take a look on the weekend if you'd like. If you are out of town, you pay shipping.


Please feel free to give me a call or text me for any other details. 917 796-4217


Thank you



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Hi there;


A couple of corrections.

First of all it was used 2 or 3 time a week, not in total. Still the system has seen very little useage.

This Bolt is both HDMI and SDI compatable.

I am LOWERING THE PRICE to $4000.00.

Let me know if I can answer any questions. (917) 796-4217.


Thanks for looking


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Lowering the price again.

3500.00 plus shipping unless you want to come by and pick it up.

The Array alone, which can be used with other Bolt systems is worth approx.$1000.00

This is a great system for an individual user, and if you are on a show is a fantastic rental, especially at this price.


Thanks for looking



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