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Jay Clennan

Compleat Steadicam package

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For Sale, Complete steadicam package. Includes:


Converted IIIA HD/SDI upgraded Sled

IIIA vest with bag

IIIA arm with soft sleeve

Transvideo 6 CineMonitor Superbright

Merrill digital level

XCS monitor Bracket


Preston FIZ/MDR1 remote focus kit Includes:


FIZ handset

2 DMX 1 motors

2 batteries

1 charger

2 15mm Jerry Hill motor mounts

2 5/8 Jerry Hill motor mounts

1 Iris control and 10 cable

3 motor cables with 90 degree memo connectors (2x24 1x18)

2 18 Sled (24V)/Alexa power cables

4 24 Alexa R/S cables

1 24 Arri power/MDR cable

2 Red dragon power

2 12V sled/Red one power

2 Red one R/S

2 MDR power/Red 12V ACC

2 Red Epic MDR1 R/S

Many more cables for Arri, Panavision and Movicam film cameras

water proof Diddy bag


2 Anton Bauer T2 chargers

5 Anton Bauer Dionic batteries

Hard case and power bar


24X36 Magliner cart

Jerry Hill Docking Bracket

rain/dust covers for arm and bottom stage

two riser combo stand

tool kit

extra velcro straps

4,6,8 post risers

25lb practice cage with sony handy cam and batts


This package has served me well and given me the experience, confidence and reel needed. But its time for an upgrade and to pass this on to another up and comer. lt has more than paid for itself and with the exception of A new HD/SDI monitor, you are good to start shooting!


$30,000 CAD


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