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KC Chiefs Op - visibility problem

Paul Gardner

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This happened in Kansas City yesterday. Not good. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Still wondering about Op's visibility, spotter's whereabouts , etc.


This link has a clearer look:

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Great post here. This operator seems to have plotted and maintained a course through a cheerleading routine. The gal in the front of the vee who steps forward might be the group leader. While the window for saftey is always changing, the saftey of others should remain consistent. Machines can already move cameras. AI can simplify the instructions to the machine. But, human operators might having some long term staying power if they can deliver the shots with a better saftey record then machines.



Any tips, red flags or golden rules other operators can share to maintain saftey for themselves and others while moving with a shot?

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This is clearly the operator’s false.

No spotter is needed for a running shot.

(Simple: It’s impossible for someone to spot you while running.)

The operator is his/her own spotter.

For a running shot likes this, take your eyes away from the monitor.

Trust your framing without looking at the monitor.

Check your heading direction.

Run with 80% of your speed so you can stop instantly anytime.

For this operator, he had 8+ steps before collision.

If he looked toward where he ran, he would stop a few steps before colliding.

I hope he apologies the girl after the incident.

Fly safe!

Ken Nguyen.

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