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James Layton

FlowCine Gravity One advice

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Has anyone tried the Gravity One with an easyrig for straight forward handheld shots at an awkward height?


I’m trying to smooth out handheld where the camera is down at armpit height and wondered if this will do the trick whilst keeping a handheld feel.



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Hi James

I've owned a Gravity One for a couple of years now. I use it on a Easyrig/Serene combination.

And it's perfect for this!

You definitely keep a handheld feel, it just makes your handheld work look simply excellent - especially for lower-than-shoulder heights.

Once you've had a play, you won't ever want to be on set without one.

It allows you much more aggressive moves than your steadicam too, and yet cuts well against either true HH or Steadicam.

I rig mine with one handle pointing up and just to the left of the lens/matt box, the second operating handle also pointing up on the camera right corner, normally just behind the battery.

Hope this helps



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