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PRO I & Model II Arm

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For Sale:

Here’s a great Starter Rig or project for someone to tackle. My reliable old backup rig, which I bought from Denis Moran, in 2005.

I had been considering getting the HD-SDI upgrade from Hugo at Steadyrig for it and turning it into a running rig but have since abandoned that idea (though I would totally recommend that whoever does end up with this rig, talk to Hugo about his upgrades).

Everything works and the rig still flies very nicely.


GPI PRO I Post, Electronics & Battery system

CP IIIA Top Stage w/ 2 camera plates

CP IIIA Gimbal (w/ 2 PRO wrap grips: LG & SM)

Bartech BFD receiver mount.

8 Chocolate Bar Batteries, 4 were re-celled just over a year ago (I can have the rest done for $80 apiece, if you want) plus I have enough parts to make 1 more battery.

2 Aspen Chargers.

I’m also including an Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery plate w/ PRO battery connector that I made for the sled (PRO connector can be removed and replaced with a 4-pin XLR, for plate use off the sled)… Super handy, even has two P-Tap connectors, great for powering an LCD monitor, for example.

Low mode/Practice cage (not pictured)


An assortment of Camera Power cables (Arri, Panavision, 12V XLR…)

2 focus rods

Marrell Green-screen monitor… bright and sharp!

The Batteries and chargers have a custom Calzone Case, everything else fits in a Pelican 1650.


CP Model II Steadicam Arm… an old arm but one that functions totally smoothly and silently and has a massive payload capacity. Seriously, I have no idea what the max capacity on the arm is but it’s got to be up there. I just shot some test video of me booming the rig with a maxed out Amira package and I can tell you with that payload the springs were only loaded to about 50%. Can't seem to post a link to the video here, so contact me if you'd like to see it.


2 Arm posts (6”, 12”) & 1 clamp

I’m asking:

SLED: $7,000
ARM: $2,500

OR BOTH: $9,000

Kit is in LA.

Please send inquiries to andreaswood@me.com









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