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Lohengrin Zapiain

Vertical bouncing/Wave

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I recently made a few modifications to my sled and I also joined the Wave comunity.


I have now a very strange bouncing on the sled, is only vertical and very rithmic, almost like the sled has a hearth bit. I tried unpluging the Wave and doferent configurations and is still there.


Wondering if somebody heard of this before,


This is what I recently did with my sled (Ultra):


Git rid if the tilt stage

Serviced the gimbal with Robert Luna

Added an SDI line

Switched my Ultra brite to an HD 703


Any leads apreciated

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So I managed to find the issue with a lot of help from a few friends. My gimbal has an issue on the bearings on the arm side


The issue started after the gimbal was serviced.


Other than that Im bery happy with the conversion, pretty small distance to the CG of the camera with the Wave on and I also went full 12v on the sled to get rid of any power issues.


Still waiting to hear if anybody has gone through something like this

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So did you solve your issue ?

Every single stabilized 'gimbal on a stick' - wave, trinity you name it - has a bit of that 'side-to-side' weaving.

Basically the roll axis stabilization keeps your horizon straight. but the camera still moves a bit side-to-side

as the sled goes off balance.

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