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Marc Abernathy

Entourage shot... Who's The Op?

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I noticed this clip after reading about the actor being accused of wrongdoings.


the clip which starts :22 seconds in is *very* nicely done. walk off a shotmaker -style rig then precedes the actor down a winding hallway with actors, then to the final ending point to lock off for a bit of dialog...


one continuous take.


Choreography was nicely done!


so... who?

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I know Greg Bubb did a bunch of Entourage... including the Playboy mansion shots from a similar season, so he would be my first guess!

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Thanks Marc, and Rich! Very nice of you guys. I'm 100% sure it was me. Well, 50% me and 50% my dolly grip, Greg Brooks (my memory is a bit sketchy, I'm pretty sure that's his name).


Marc, Shotmaker I wish. I hopped off a barely-stopped flatbed Kawasaki Mule which immediately took off, out of the shot. The valet standing by the entrance covered some light stand. Greg literally pulled and steered me through the house. I could not have done the interior part without him. I think we did the shot six or seven times.


btw, I just found this post after searching for my old website, which seems to have vanished.

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