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Damien Tessandier

M1 Owner, opinions about your gear please!

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Hello Damien,

I received mine in January 2016 . I have had a few component issues with it at the begigning but Tiffen quickly made some upgrade to fix them.

I am now very happy with my gear, it's solid !!! after two years it did not take any play ... and I have no vibration issues

As it had be said on this forum the masses (battery/monitor) are incredibly easily adjustable


A questionable point would be the tilt head which raises the camera a lot.
and the top stage with the tilt option is quite heavy. But the tilt head remains a choice!!
Something that I regret is that there is no adapter to use all the arm post with PRO GPI size/ to my knowledge for the moment there is only one lenght available
(The gimbal handle is removable so why not made a handle that simply fit on pro arm/or machine a kind of ring reducer... Like that we could use any lenght size of PRO arm post)
​You can PM me if you want more details on my opinion or call me, I am also a french operator :-)

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I like the idea of a gimbal handle with the 5/8" arm post hole. Suggest it to Tiffen. They at long last are trying to be more supportive of ALL Operators and letting Ops mix & match gear. A welcome change! Otherwise, it seems to me you'd need some custom arm posts and D-Bracket (F-Bracket/J-Bracket) made by someone like Robert Luna.


I've played with the M-1V twice now and have been truly impressed. I confess I was mostly checking out the "V" part of the gimbal and not the sled as a whole, but its a lot like my PRO 3/XCS hybrid, but with a built in tilt plate and the "V" gimbal. Interesting times.

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Just one thing; RE arm post diameter - there already exists an adapter for 5/8ths to .740 (a sleeve) which comes standard with the slanted F-bracket.


Also, it's easy enough to have 5/8ths posts with .740 ends made. I'm sure someone makes these...

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