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Rich Cottrell

Universal Mitchell / Castle nut wrench

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Way off topic,

but we have a knowledgeable bunch here.

I was wondering if anyone know if any other companies make a:

"Universal Mitchell / Castle nut wrench"


here a a link to one company which has mixed reviews:




As some of you know, I work a bunch of conventional camera on broadcast sports...

In recent years, it seems the machining tolerances of the Vinten Pan Heads [which are the typical pan head brand found on the broadcast mobile units] do not always match the tolerances of the various tripods on these broadcast truck.


Some camera guys resort to taking a hammer and a screwdriver to attempt to get the Mitchell "Castle" nut tighter. While that works, I have seen some get of those Nuts get their fins broken off...
So I can see why this tool could be useful.


Anyone ever use one?

and does anyone else make them?


any input is appreciated.




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Glad Jeff recommended the 8 Ball wrenches. Theyre what many of my dolly grips carry. The Nut Buster 1 is what Ive seen be super handy. Good for getting just a little extra torque by hand, and insert a tool into it and you can give it that extra oomph that some Mitchell nuts need.

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