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Jeroen van der Poel

bouncing provid arm

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Iam new to this forum and recently bought a Steadicam Provid with the old socketblock.

Of course it took me some time to adjust this pen. And after training and watch every possible steadicam tutorial its about time to make my first post.


Because the Provid arm is not iso elastic i found some problems with it, first of all my 7 kg camera seemed to be to light weighted i had to relax the arm springs all the way, and then it started to bounce, so i added 3kg weight to the camera.


The second problem i was running in was how to adjust the arm, when both bones are in horizontal position, and i adjust them for that, and i go all the way up and the down, one segment always locks up, and the other way as well. I think that seems to be normal since the arm dont go back to their middle position because they are not iso elastic. Right now iam training to walk the steadicam without touching, so handsfree, if you look closely you will still see some bounce. Of course i have to accept that i dont have the budget for a iso elastic arm, and the steadicam is still thousands times better then my own capacities and still lots of work to do on my left hand to maintain my horizon.

But maybe theres someone who could advice me how to get things better.

(p.s. i will go to a steadicam class in the future, right now this is self taught)

when i have my hands on the rig its seems that i already manage to keep my horizon, i work with a 3 to 4 second drop time..


Here is the link to a test video handsfree (s35mm with a 24mm prime):



thanks to all the contributors of this forum which already taught me so much!!

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