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Shawn Adams

Hand on gimbal placement

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Question for users out there. 1: I shoot goofy (camera on the right side), I can do both but I'm more comfortable that way..


2: and my main question... since I started Steadicam 20 years ago and even after taking a course on it, my forefinger always seems to find its way on TOP of the gimbal when I'm operating.. It just feels better there to me.. Does anyone else do that?. I have not experienced any drawbacks and I try to use the conventional grip when I "think" about it, but I'm just curious on opinions...





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That's actually only one question (the other is a statement ;)


You're not alone. I believe Parris Mayhew and a few others do it. Parris has my highest respect..... Personally, I think it can only add problems to the shot, but I've done the split finger thing in low mode when I'm pushing the camera lower than I can comfortably get my hand. At the end of day, its what works for you though, but I suspect its making you work little harder.

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