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Stephen M. Lucas

Noob Intro #4968B

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Greetings, Community!

Taking a brief moment to introduce myself.
I pulled sharps in the LA area for six years before making the transition to operator, spending time getting comfortable with this industry and saving up cash for what I really moved out west for… Steadicam.

I’ve been fortunate to have a great mentor who helped me get my steadi-legs. He put me in a rig, loaned me gear so I could train at home and fly on small gigs. Along the way there have been plenty of other Ops that willfully let me glean valuable info from them, both on the job and through this forum. Finally, I took a workshop to buff out the edges and voila: I was hooked.

I earmarked my birthday of 2017: come Dec 24th, own a rig and start flying or hang up this dream and just be a dirtbag rock climber who lives in a van.

I’m very excited to report that my goal was reached and I look forward to being a respectable member of this community; reciprocating and paying forward the kind of support others have given me. My wife is excited too since she doesn’t quite see the glamor of the rope-gun, rock-jock lifestyle. Such is life. Weekend warriors it is!

So completes my overly sentimental intro-rant. I live on the westside (culver/palms area) and I’m always down for practice sessions between gigs. I’ll bring the crudités.


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