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Evan Samaras

Steadicam ProVid & Arri 16SR3

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Hello all!


I am newbie to Steadicam. A friend and I recently purchased a Steadicam ProVid for what I believe was a fair price. My friend has gone digital, but I will be using this setup with my Arri SR3. I have been doing my research, and will continue to do so, but I have some question where the pros may be able to save me some time =)


1. I am currently running onboard batteries, but understand that it would be better to shift the weight to the bottom. It will also be nice to run the video assist unit on the Steadicam! Will I run into problems supplying a 24v supply to the video assist? Furthermore, I noticed the Steadicam cable to run the power to the unit does not match to what is needed for the SR3. Would a simple cable replacement solve the issue? I also don't have a lot of money to spend, so battery recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


2. I noticed the smaller screw with the Steadicam plate is a little too big to fit in the Base Plate for my Arri (BP-7). Is there a certain place or type of screw that I should look for specifically?


3. I've watched the Steadicam SK training videos and read some information found online for balancing the steadicam, but are there any additional videos and articles that you feel should be a must watch/read for a first timer? I'm sure when I do a back search on the forum I will find plenty, hoping to narrow it down a bit.


I know it will take a lot of reading and practice but I am looking forward to it!


That is all I can think of for now, although I'm sure I forgot a few points.


Thank you in advance!

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