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Preston HU3 Complete Wireless FI+Z3 kit

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Selling this complete Preston HU3 kit. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ready to ship. Asking price $21.000,-/ €17.900



Preston Hand Unit 3 for FI+Z3 System (G4) SN#1816

Preston MDR-2 Motor Controller (G4) SN#MT-2745

Preston Focus/Iris unit (G4) SN#1431

Preston Microforce Digital 2 SN#D25243
Preston Radio Microforce (G4) SN#1014
Preston Motor PCS DM1 SN#1887 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear
Preston Motor PCS DM2 SN#4540 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear
Preston Motor PCS DM2 SN#4527 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear
3 x Motor Cable 4411 with angeld stick DMF to Radio MF 4449
FI+Z 24V - ARRI 4465
FI+Z Command 4400
Red Digital 4543
AATON 4524
Sony VTR 4435
Arriflex & Moviecam3-pin 4521 Anton Bauer to MDR 4473 MDR2 - Epic
Arri/ Moviecam - 24VDC Power 4499 FI+Z 12V 4461
3 x 4301: 19mm Swing Arm
3 x 4320: Stepdown Bushing, 19-15mm BLUE
3 x 4320: Stepdown Bushing, 19-15mm RED
1 x 4336: Bracket: Microforce to Hand Unit 3
1 x 7906r: Reciever Antenna, Right Angle
10 x White Plain Focus Rings
10 x Premarked Focus Rings - A, B, C, D, E, Ai, Bi, Ci, Di, Ei
6 x Small White Plain Focus Rings for Focus/Iris controller
3 x Travel Chargers for NP-FM55H/FM50 Batteries
2 x Battery Packs NP50
1 x Neck Strap
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