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Marty Smith

Betz Top Stage - Customer Support

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I appreciate this might be a little "off-topic", but felt it was worth acknowledging within the community.


I started a TV drama about three weeks ago, and during pre-production had an issue with the locking mechanism on my Betz Top-Stage. I was hopeful that a couple of spare parts might solve my issue.


The Betz top stage came with my rig when I purchased it, and to this point I have had no need to contact Christian or the guys in Germany at all.


Within a day, parts were sent to Australia from Germany and I received them within a couple of days of starting production. Whilst the issue didn't stop me using the rig, the parts I purchased just weren't going to do the job.


Fortunately once again, Isabell and Christian came to the rescue - we're underway with a repair on my top-stage, and they have sent me a replacement to use in the meantime.


Too often we use forums such as this to call out poor customer service, or our frustrations.


On this occasion I would just like to acknowledge just how wonderful the support from Betz has been - and how much confidence I have as an operator knowing that businesses such as Christian's understand our industry and the demands.


A massive thank you!!!



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