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Vintage Vest. Can you identify it?

Matthew Hutchens

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I just picked up an old vest on ebay thinking to make a speedrail vehicle mount with the socket block. When I received it I became very curious as to where it falls in the timeline of vests and if it's the oringal steadicam vest. I found the attached picture of Garrett Brown wearing a very similar vest in The Shining. I noticed the Logo in the picture on the front of the vest and peeled back the velcro over the font of mine to find the same Brown steadicam logo.



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The white plastic.... Original Model 1 vest manufactured by Cinema Products in the late 1970s. The black plastic waist piece would be a replacement likely made by Peter Abraham. If not modified, there should be "jumper straps" in the back that connect the lower section to the upper section for more support. Amazingly, they got so much right about this vest - the GPI PRO vest has many of the same features. I used a Model 1 vest for years (and still own it as backup) until I bought a PRO vest.

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