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Cinematic Precision plate with Betz top stage?

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hey yall

this question was almost answered in another post but not as clearly as i would like, so i thought that i would put it to the masses-


does the cinematic precision plate fit nicely into the betz top stage?

and does the Betz plate fit well into the SOS?

i see that purchasing the betz topstage from pro includes a plate but not sure if this plate accommodates alexas and amiras as well as the cinematic plate does.


have a good one yall!



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Heres a follow up:


sounds like there are two sizes of cinematic precision plate thicknesses. newer ones are beefiier, older are the thickness of the diameter of a pencil. sounds like older may not fit as well. still finding out...


but another question:

does the betz plate fit into an SOS? seems like it would since it is a "universal" plate.

specs are 270mm 10.6" / 85mm 3.4" / 10mm 0.4"



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Hi Brett


The Cinematic Precision plate clamps snugly into the Betz stage but as you can see in the photo the plate I have is slimmer than the Betz clamp mechanism so there exists a potential conflict. (I guess I have an older one if there exists a new beefier version) I fly Alexas with this plate on that stage regularly however and have not had any issues. The contour of the camera body and BPA attachment point is such that, in my experience at least, the clamp mechanism has not impeded anything.




To your other question; the Betz plate appears to fit well enough in the SOS. The spacing of the screw slots differs slightly from the Cinematic Precision plate so you would have to adjust the stage a bit more to the left with the Betz plate than with the Cinematic Precision plate in order to balance. You also would obviously not have that handy vibration reducing rear attachment point.




Hope that helps



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