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Cinetronics New Repair Option

Marianne Exbrayat

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Cinetronics monitor new repair & service:

For the next few months, we will offer free service & repair on your Cinetronics monitor when purchasing a 6” or 8” Transvideo X-SBL monitor from our California office.

We have had the opportunity to help some of our Operators with this monitor so they could keep it as a back up.

Even though the production of these monitors may not be uniform, we have been able to remedy several issues:

· Removal of most hot-glue holding connections and replacement by hard-wiring and/or professional connectors.

· Removal of incompatible connectors and replacement by compatible designs or direct soldering to the terminals.

· Re-positioning of the backlight power board so it is no longer used as a mean to push contacts down on the board below.

· Installation of a separate chassis to secure the backlight power board. This increases the reliability and reduces EMI interferences in the HD signal.

· New mean to secure and adjust the HD SDI input board on the main processor board to improve connections reliability between the 2 boards.

The service above represents a value of $780 in labor alone.


If your monitor requires board components level repairs/replacement we might also be able to help you for a fee.


Solidarity program: If you have a monitor that is beyond help and wish to donate it to this program so we can scavenge parts to help a fellow Operator, please contact us.


If you wish to sign up for this program, please contact us by email directly at Marianne@transvideointl.com

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A month ago I started having an intermittent image on my Cinetronic gen 2. I knew Cinetronic was not servicing the monitors anymore so I looked all over the forum to find someone to help me with my problem. Finally I contacted Marianne at Transvideo and she agreed to help me out. Thank God! As she opened it up we found one problem after the next. The end result is she basically went through the whole thing from top to bottom, not only did she fix the problem at hand but she also prevented future problems by switching out ill fitting connectors, soldering things that were held together by hot glue and cleaning up some wiring.

As we all know customer service is worth its weight in gold. I see a Transvideo monitor in my near future. Thanks again Marianne.

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