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Monitor Yoke Atomos Shogun Inferno / Flame

Frank Schwaiger

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Hi all,


I will make a Yoke for the Atomos Shogun Flame. I think it will also fit on the Inferno and the Ninja Versions in 7".


I can easily produce some more when someone interested.


To get it mounted to the Steadicam i bought this cage:




To attach V-Mounts to the cage I bought this one





Because neither the monitor nor the cage have holes in the middle of the sides I will machine plates in 2 versions:



VERSION 1 - with SSD and to Sony NP-F, without V-Mount battery

this version will have ports blocked because of the mounting of the plates to the sides:

right side:

- blocked headphone jack

- blocked sound jack


left side:

- maybe blocked HDMI in (which I try to prevent but don't see the reason for myself :) )



VERSION 2 - with SSD and small V-Mount battery 99Wh

this version will also have blocked ports, even more because of the COG which is now behind the monitor

right side:

- blocked headphone jack

- blocked sound jack

- blocked SSD port (which is not so bad as it reads. Just carry a HUGE SSD and you won't have to change it often :) )
left side:

- maybe blocked HDMI in (which I try to prevent but don't see the reason for myself :) )

The Yoke will be similar to the design in the attachment which is from another OP from this forum who I don't remeber and can't find anymore. Sorry! It was originally done for the Marshal 651 and is now changed by me for the Atomos Series.



I will post prototype pics when ready, approximately two weeks


Price will depend on orders! I will keep you updated when I know more.






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Version 1 and 2:
Reddish part of the side plates is V1, green part is V2


the yoke again:



and I am about to make another gadget, maybe fitting on many sleds:

I designed a bridge for the monitor arm coming from the post fitting nearly every steadicam monitor arm on the market. With it it's possible to tilt/shift the yoke as far as your sled allows. Please, see my other thread for it.

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Above you will find the pictures of the new Yoke for the Atomos Shogun Inferno / Flame series with CG Plates for the 2 options with and without V-Mount battery. It will work with the SmallRig Cage 2008 mentioned in the first post.


I tested it today, CG is found perfectly, working very well!


With the CG Plates HDMI IN, Remote IN is blocked as well as NP-F and SSD slots. SSDs can be changed by taking off the monitor and removing the CG Plate in 2 minutes.


The Yoke has threads in theses positions:


3x 1/4"/20 at the center and in a 3cm distance from the center to each side

2x M5 at 1.15 cm distance form the center (which are needed for my monitor bridge and clamp which can be found here)


I can make the Yoke for 110€

the 4 CG plates will be extra 130€


I can make any Yoke for you and also change the size and positions of the threads if you provide the details.

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Ideally, I want to gather some orders to make more pieces of the equipment.

I will start producing in 2-4 weeks depending on orders.

Producing will take 2 weeks as I do it in my spare time and anodizing takes another week because I am not doing it myself.

The more orders I have the more extra parts I can prepare for future orders.

The products are located in Germany.

Shipping to US will take 10-15 working days.

Shipping costs:

21€ without insurance but with tracking through DHL

38€ with 500€ insurance and tracking through DHL

Payment will be accepted through PayPal, fees will have to be paid by the customer.

Sorry that it will take some time. But I am just starting the business!

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1 hour ago, Jason Hurst said:

I would like to know the price and if you can ship to Canada. Plus how it installs to the archer 2 rig from Tiffen. 

Thabk you Frank


Hi Jason.

Please find pricing above, shipping will be nearly the same than to US.

It is just a yoke. Send photos of your monitor mount as a pm and I will have a look or you cut the threads yourself.






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