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Pro Vest fitting

Chris Freilich

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Hi all,


I've been operating for about 2 years now, using a Pro vest that I had my friend help me fit. It has been working for me pretty well, but the past couple of days I've been doing work where I need to stay static for 10 minutes or more, and I've found that it's really hurting the front of my hip bones, especially my right hip. (I work normal, not goofy.)


So, I just went ahead and went through Jack's video on adjusting the Pro vest on the GPI web site. I'm about 5'11", and to get the bottom of the lower cushion to be approximately on my hip bones rather than below them, I needed to compact the vest all the way, which is 4 holes higher than I've been doing previously.


This has had two effects on the feel of the vest. First, I have some weight on my shoulders now, which I've never had before. I had always wondered about that, and am glad to have the weight spread a bit.


But, now I feel a lot of pressure on my stomach, which is where the lower pad now sits. I guess my question is, is that normal? I guess I can get used to it, but it does feel strange having gotten used to the old way.


What do you think?





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I've had my PRO vest for almost 6 yrs, was measured and fitted at PRO. Pressure on the shoulders seems right, but have never had any downward pressure on my stomach except from my own tightening of the straps. My entire core and chest feel pretty even pressure as long as my posture stays correct.

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im 5'11 and 150 pounds. i have the bottom of the front pad just at/over where my belt buckle would be (i buckle my belt behind my right pocket). have you adjusted the arm so that the rig isnt pulling away from you but rather floats right in your operating position? also try adjusting the velcro area of the back and shoulder straps. you may be able to bring the front of the vest upwards a bit. i go and tweak parts every couple months to feel out different options.



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